Dubai Exports aim to explore new markets in 2017


Staff Report

Dubai – Dubai Exports, the export promotion agency of the Department of Economic Development (DED), is all set to take major strides in connecting Dubai trade to new markets across Africa, Central Asia, Europe and South America in 2017 after achieving outstanding success in its market outreach and capability building programmes in 2016.

In 2016, Dubai Exports joined 16 trade missions along with local and federal government entities, organised 402 business match-making sessions and received over 209 service requests from member companies in addition to 80 requests from importers through its overseas trade offices (OTOs). The OTOs also attracted 823 international buyers from across six countries.

Overall, 2016 reinforced the role of Dubai Exports in enabling local companies to establish contacts with importers overseas and export to new markets as well as in driving exports and re-exports through Dubai.

A series of events, including exhibitions and trade missions to new markets, have been drawn up by the export promotion agency for 2017 as part of its strategic objective of introducing Dubai as a competitive sourcing hub and promoting productive linkages between UAE companies and buyers worldwide.

Commented Engineer Saed Al Awadi, CEO of Dubai Exports: “Dubai Exports and its overseas trade offices have had remarkable success, in fact far beyond our expectations, in 2016 in terms of driving exports through Dubai as well as in enhancing export-readiness across UAE enterprises. The share of exports in Dubai’s overall trade increased to AED 109 billion in 2016 from AED 100 billion in 2015 as more exporters were able to connect with buyers overseas.”

Al Awadi added that in 2017 Dubai Exports will seek to leverage the growing products diversity and export capabilities in the UAE to penetrate new markets and firm up our position in existing markets. “Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Morocco, Senegal, Costa Rica and Columbia will be among our new focus markets in 2017.”

As part of its knowledge initiatives, particularly in highlighting opportunities for local exporters and buyers worldwide, Dubai Exports collaborated in 52 technical as well as markets/products reports in 2016 and also produced 16 industry sector reports by itself. The overseas offices support by presenting the export capabilities of UAE firms in their host countries and serving as a one-stop shop for importers looking at Dubai as a source market.

Al Awadi said: “Traditional and regional markets such as India, Oman and Saudi Arabia have been the major drivers of exports out of Dubai in 2016, together accounting for about 20% of the exports value and two of the countries are home to our overseas offices. The India office has had considerable success assisting a large number of companies across sectors beyond gold and jewellery, which account for the bulk of trade between the two countries.”


In 2017 Dubai Exports will be seen across 18 international exhibitions and trade missions in strategic markets. Cosmoprof Awards, a worldwide event for the professional beauty sector to be held in Italy, will be among the events supported by Dubai Exports this year, said Al Awadi

“Dubai Exports is expanding its coverage in terms of markets as well as products, which in itself speaks of the growing reach and appeal of Emirati products. We will continue to establish connections with buyers and importers overseas to promote a wider range of products including construction material, food & beverages, plastics, packaging material as well as perfumes and cosmetics,” Al Awadi concluded.