Weather alert: Raining welcomes UAE people this morning


Staff Report

Dubai – Now it’s time for umbrella as raining welcome UAE people on Tuesday morning.

Strong winds and dust storms is expected to continue in the UAE with poor visibility, scattered rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Monday, strong winds kicked up dust, reducing visibility on Monday while scattered rainfall is expected during the next two days in different parts of the country, forecasters said on Monday.

Last Sunday, the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) predicted unstable weather expected over next 48 hours in UAE Hazy conditions for two days, chance of showers on Monday and Tuesday

NCMS said a deepening of the upper air layers and surface low pressure in the atmosphere will cause weather fluctuations on Monday and Tuesday, resulting in hazy or dusty conditions in general.

The amount of clouds may increase by Monday night that may bring a chance of scattered light rain over the coasts, islands and some northern and eastern areas, according to NCMS.

The moderate southeasterly to northeasterly wind will switch to northwesterly winds by Monday afternoon from the western region and extending to the rest of the country by Tuesday and Wednesday.

A drop in temperatures of about 4C to 5C may happen, bringing average temperatures to 23C to 25C in some parts of the country.

It is predicted that rain clouds may still develop and further increase in amount on Tuesday that could bring different intensities of rainfall in most parts of the country. Heavy rain with thunder may be witnessed in Jebel Jais, based on the NCMS website’s weather forecast.