Sharjah fines Dh178,800 to jaywalkers


Staff Report
Sharjah – It’s a lesson for about 900 pedestrians in Sharjah as they got fines of Dh200 each for crossing the roads in unauthorised areas.
The Sharjah Police have fined 894 jaywalkers Dh200 each within a week. Major Abdul Rahman Khatir, director of traffic awareness, said the fines were issued during an inspection campaign organised by the police to educate the public about the importance of crossing roads safely.
Major Khatir pointed out that the police have distributed several brochures in different languages including Urdu, Arabic and English among the public.
He said that the fines were issued based on article 147 of the Traffic Safety Federal Law. He urged pedestrians to use authorised areas for crossing all streets and roads to avoid run-over accidents.
He said there was a decline in the number of accidents in 2016 as compared to previous years. He attributed the decline to the police’s efforts to raise awareness of motorists and pedestrians about the importance of respecting traffic rules.
Messages put up by the police on social media platforms have helped, too, he added.
He stressed that both pedestrians and drivers are equally responsible for run-over accidents. “A combination of factors can cause a run-over accident. These include lack of attention while driving, speeding in residential or commercial areas, pedestrians crossing roads from non-designated areas and lack of awareness about road safety rules among drivers and pedestrians.”
The police informed that 50 pedestrians lost their lives in 253 run-over accidents in the last 13 months, while 185 people were injured. Over 11,300 jaywalkers were fined during this period.