The Word’s heaviest women arrives Abu Dhabi


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Eman Abdul Atti, once known as the world’s heaviest woman, has arrived in Abu Dhabi for medical treatment. The treatment may take one year, according to medical experts.
The Egyptian woman arrived at the UAE’s Burjeel Hospital on Thursday night. The lady was discharged after an 83-day stay at Saifee Hospital in Mumbai, India.
Mumbai Police did a special arrangement for her journey to the UAE by creating a 12-kilometre corridor – normally done when organs need to be transplanted – from Saifee Hospital to Charni Road to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, where she was seen off by a bariatric surgeon, Muffadal Lakdawala, and Maharashtra health minister Deepak Sawant.
Indian media reported that Huzefa Shehabi, chief operating officer of Saifee Hospital, received an e-mail communication from Burjeel Hospital, saying that Eman was “stable, in good health and fit to fly”.
“We are very thankful to the people of India and the doctors who treated Eman,” her sister Shaimaa was quoted as saying by the media. “I respect all the countrymen here and the doctors.”
Dr Raja Gujju, CEO of Burjeel Hospital said the doors of the room on the fifth floor were widened to 150 cms for her.
“This is to facilitate easy movement so that the heavy patient can be wheeled in and out without difficulties.
The hospital has also arranged a special ICU room for Eman with facilities for multi-disciplinary treatment. Eman will be admitted to the ICU first before she is moved to her room.
Celin Verma, head of nursing at Burjeel, said the medical panel fitted in the ICU has all facilities to treat any medical complications.
Last October, Eman was declared the world’s heaviest woman, weighing about 500 kilograms. For the preceding 25 years, she didn’t leave her home in the Egyptian port city of Alexandria.
In December 2016, Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj offered to help her, and she arrived for treatment in Mumbai on February 22, 2017 to undergo bariatric surgery after suffering from a stroke, which left her bedridden.