Dubai issues 5,646 commercial permits in Q1


Staff Report

Dubai – The Business Registration & Licensing (BRL) sector in Dubai Economy issued 5,646 commercial permits during the first quarter of 2017 as the emirate witnessed hectic commercial activity during the period.
Advertising accounted for the largest share of 28% with 1,604 permits while the emirate’s flagship retail sector stood second with 1,387 permits, or 24% of the total, underlining Dubai’s prominence as a hub for shopping and doing business.
During the first quarter of 2017, 1,061 permits were issued for special promotions and 1,077 permits for various other promotional activities. The special permits issued for discounts and special offers during the period amounted to 467 while 41 permits were issued for trade fairs.
Walid Abdul Malik, Director of Commercial Registration in BRL, said the commercial permits are primarily aimed at streamlining market activity and promoting products and services offered by businesses in Dubai.
“The retail sector is a dominant player in Dubai and we strive to position it as the best regionally and worldwide. Commercial permits issued during the first quarter of 2017 indicates a substantial growth in advertising spend, which further demonstrates the success Dubai Economy has achieved in advancing economic activity and enhancing business competitiveness,” Malik said, adding that growth in advertising spend also shows greater competition between businesses.
Within promotional campaigns, instant prizes accounted for about 536 permits in Q1 2017. Among the rest were 238 smaller campaigns, and 183 food sampling promotions. Permits for promotional pamphlets amounted to 598. Dubai Economy also permitted 476 clearance sales, 39 exhibitions and two conferences during Q1 2017.
“Marketing plays an active role in increasing business, and promotions, discounts and summer offers are its important tools,” said Khalid Al Marri, Senior Manager, Commercial Permits in BRL. “The permits issued in the first quarter of 2017 underscore Dubai’s status as a thriving hub for businesses and consumers alike. It also reaffirms the overall economic growth and competitiveness in Dubai. ”
“Companies seeking to expand their businesses and reach out to their existing and potential customers have a remarkable opportunity in Dubai,” Al Marri said, adding that trade permits facilitate such communication and help increase demand for goods and services.