Pakistan beat Sri Lanka in crucial Champions Trophy match


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Dubai – Pakistan has won the Champions Trophy match against Sri Lanka at Cardiff in a crucial Champions Trophy fixture that would send one of the teams packing out of the tournament.
Pakistan achieved 237 runs off 44.5 overs with seven wickets lost.
Sri Lanka’s total of 236 seemed like a reasonable chase at first, but with seven Pakistani batsmen in the dressing room at the 35 over mark, the match shaped up to be a nail-biter.
Perera claimed Fahim Ashraf’s wicket as a shot played by Sarfraz Ahmed flicked off Perera’s fingers and went on to hit the bowler’s stumps while Fahim’s bat was still in the air. With this wicket, Sri Lanka are looking more in control of the match.
Sarfraz played along with Mohammad Amir during the last moments of the match, as Perera and Malinga looked to claim the remaining wickets.
“This game is too close to call,” said Ramiz Raja from the commentary box.
Quite a large number of people have showed up to watch the game. Zainab Abbas, one of the television presenters for this year’s Champions Trophy tweeted, saying; “Cardiff has come alive with the dholwala’s in the stands!”.