Jagga Jasoos: Good comedy, Ranbir Kapoor is back with magic


Web Report

The Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif starring feel good comedy was finally made ready for release today, three years late but still welcome, as evidenced by the 1,850 screens it has been offered for its India debut, and 610 more around the world.
Jagga Jasoos tells the story of a gifted teenage detective, played by the 34-year-old star Kapoor, who is accompanied by a female companion (Kaif) on a quest to find his missing father. It is directed by Anurag Basu, whose track record has been decidedly mixed over the past decade-and-a-half, but his last film, the 2012 comedy Barfi! which starred Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, was a bona fide hit.
Since Katrina Kaif’s last four pictures have underwhelmed at the box office and she won’t be much of a box office draw, Jagga Jasoos will need every bit of Ranbir Kapoor’s audience appeal and all of Disney’s marketing muscle if it is to earn even a meaningful fraction of Dangal’s giant grosses.
As of now the movie got good comments from critics and it is expected that it will go high in the coming days. We should appreciate actor Ranbir Kapoor for putting his money into one of India’s first films that integrates many genres in one.
Jagga Jasoos has many things: it is a breezy musical, a fantasy, and a road movie. At about three hours, it is a stretch – and with a narrative approach that is laid-back, at times repetitive, it can test your patience.
Jagga Jasoos brings a refreshing approach to mainstream cinema. It doesn’t go by formula and it doesn’t have the conventional villain versus hero clash or whipped up melodrama.
Much like an endearing comic book, Jagga Jasoos has plenty of straight-to-the-heart moments, especially in the first 15 odd minutes when we see one marvellous actor stride the screen.