Job alert: Apple is hiring in UAE

Apple store in The Dubai Mall.

Web Report

Dubai: People across the world love Apple devices and now there is a chance in the UAE to work with the US company.
Smartphone and mobility devices manufacturer Apple has announced new vacancies for UAE jobseekers looking to pursue a career with the multi-million-dollar company.
The American tech giant, which sells hundreds of millions of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets in more than 150 countries including the UAE, has posted on its career site this month’s employment openings for at least 16 roles.
The latest round of recruitment is to fill positions in Apple stores in the UAE, although there are opportunities up for grabs for those keen to work behind the storefront.
Most of the jobs being offered require customer service and communication skills, and strong interest in technology, particularly Apple products.
The American company has just expanded its market presence in the UAE, with the opening of its retail outlet in Dubai Mall, believed to be the largest in the region.
The two-storey store has been envisioned to become the region’s “meeting point for creative-minded people and a place of learning and inspiration.”
These are the positions open for the month:
Store leader
Service specialist
Senior manager
Market leader
Inventory specialist
Genius (go-to person for troubleshooting, repairing products)
Expert (sales-related)
Creative (customer service-related)
Business specialist
Apple store leader program
Business leader
Managing editor, App Store
Apple Retail Consultant (various UAE locations)
Head of programming, Dubai (event management)