Motorists alert: Paid parking in Al Ain from August


Staff Report

Abu Dhabi: Free parking era is over as the paid parking will be implemented in Al Ain from August onwards, the emirate of Abu Dhabi’s transport sector regulator announced in a statement on Sunday.
The Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport’s Integrated Transport Centre said that a total of 121 paid parking area have already been created across the city, and that parking metres are being installed near the designated areas.
“The Mawaqif paid parking scheme will help the persistent shortage of parking in some of Al Ain’s most congested areas. [Its implementation] will also help stop the misuse of limited parking spots,” said Mohammad Al Muhairi, deputy general manager at the Centre.
According to the statement, paid parking will first be introduced in the city centre. There will be 1,376 paid parking spaces in Al Qasedah area, 1,175 in Al Rebenah, 1,107 in Al Nawas, 1,166 in Al Hamirah and 867 in Al Salamah.
The statement added that customer service representatives are ready to assist motorists with the new system.
To apply for a resident parking permit, residents must submit a passport copy with a valid residency visa, tenancy contract, last utility bill and proof of vehicle ownership. The permits, which are virtual, are available to owners, tenants and their families. Each expatriate household can have a maximum of two residential parking permits. The annual permits will cost Dh800 for the first car and Dh1,200 for the second one.
The paid parking scheme in Al Ain will mirror those in the capital, which has had paid parking areas since late 2009. –