Businessmen see stronger and innovative India


Abdul Basit

Dubai – India continues growth journey and establishes itself one of the leading players in the global economy, said business leaders in the UAE on the occasion of India’s 71st Independence Day.
Speaking to The UAE Newsbusiness community appreciated Modi government’s initiatives such as ‘Make in India’, GST, etc.

Yusuffali MA, Chairman of Lulu Group, said: “Today, with all its ups & downs, India is marching ahead on its journey of all round growth under the visionary leadership Prime Minister Modi. Be it economy, education, poverty elevation or technological development, India is setting world standards and the entire world is looking at it with a renewed passion. I urge all Indians to wholeheartedly support the concept of ‘giving back to your country’ and do whatever in your might to make India restore its lost glory.”

Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare, commented: “Over the past few years, India has established itself as a leading player in the global economy, being one of the fastest growing emerging markets. India is headed towards a prosperous future and is expected to maintain this momentum as it continues to lead the world through advancements across domains, including healthcare.

Rizwan Sajan, Chairman of Danube Group, said: “India’s economy will continue to grow at a reasonably fast pace due to the growing buying power of the 1.3 billion people. As consumption rises, demand will also grow that will trigger production and supply growth. Besides, the government’s cleaning up of the financial system, the Goods and Sales Tax and other initiatives will help boost transparency and attract investment. India will grow at anywhere between 7 to 10 per cent annually, if things go as planned.

Y. Sudhir Kumar Shetty, President, UAE Exchange, said: “India turns 70. And the country is only getting innovative, stronger and bolder in its approach towards progress. Introduction of GST, demonetisation etc., are some of the courageous and strategic decisions. Demonetisation, for instance, is a major step towards building a cashless society on the path to the vision of a Digital India. The historic launch of GST transformed India to a single market, a grand opportunity at that. The inviting ‘Make in India’ initiative, triggered entrepreneurial spirit amongst the business community worldwide, increasing FDIs. All these have elevated India’s image in the global perception.”

Kamal Vachani, Group Director, Al Maya Group, said: The Indian economy is at the cusp of entering its strongest growth phase. The International Monetary Fund has retained the country’s economic growth forecast at 7.2 per cent in fiscal year 2017-18 predicted further acceleration to 7.7 per cent in 2018-19. Steps taken in recent months by the prime minister Modi’s government have started paying off.”

Anthony Peter, Director Corporate Communications Division of a multinational company, said: “It gives great joy to celebrate Independence Day. However, greater joy will be to see our country significantly grow and prosper justifying the talent and resources we possess.” –