Sharjah closes over 60 paid parking lots


Staff Report

Sharjah – More than 90 private paid parking lots have been caught violating the set guidelines by the Sharjah Municipality and 62 have been closed.
Ali Abughazi, director of public parking department at Sharjah Municipality, said that inspection campaigns during the past two weeks zeroed in on the violators and shut down 62 such paid parking areas. He pointed out that these won’t be allowed to function till they abide by the prescribed rules and regulations.
Abughazi said that the municipality will have zero tolerance against the violators and take stern action if the law is flouted. It will ensure that there is strict compliance with the rules and technical as well as safety requirements are met.
In case, the operator of a paid parking lot does not adhere to the law or lacks the licence, it will be closed immediately to prevent its abuse.
He mentioned that during the inspection campaign carried out recently, 500 awareness leaflets were distributed to warn against the consequences of violations in the management and operation of paid parking lots and the need to heed to the norms.
Abughazi explained that the municipality will continue to conduct inspections to nail the violators. It will also take measures so that the vehicle owners who use these lots are not exploited by being forced to pay more than a fee that’s authorized by the competent authorities.
Those who park their vehicles in such lots should make sure that every paid parking square has a guiding board bearing the slogan of the municipality and check all the details on it. –