TASC Outsourcing launches online hiring portal for temporary jobs

Top officials of TASC Outsourcing address a news conference in Dubai on Monday. - Supplied photo

Abdul Basit

Dubai – TASC Outsourcing, a talent management and people solution provider, on Monday launched an online hiring portal for the temporary staff hiring in the UAE.
The company said TascTemp is the first-of-its-kind solution in the region for temporary staff. This platform is perfect for businesses that need additional staff to meet peak-season demand, or require short-term staff for a crucial project or just to fill-up planned vacancies. Businesses no longer need to worry about last-minute temp staffing; with this service, short-term staff can be placed within as little as half-a-day.
The company has around 4,000 employees of different skills on his payroll to meet the need of temporary staffing, TASC Outsourcing chief executive officer Mahesh Shahdadpuri told The UAE News at the launch of the hiring portal. Around 80 per cent of our total staff are based in the UAE and rest of them are in other Gulf countries, Shahdadpuri informed.
Users can browse through www.tasctemp.com to choose amongst the available pre-screened candidates, who are ready-to-be-employed across sales and administrative functions within the UAE. Each candidate on the portal has a video profile, which can be used to short-listing – thus, eliminating the hassle of scheduling interviews. The selected candidates can be recruited for just a day, or for any duration up to six months. As the candidates’ background check and paper-work are complete, the hiring process is really fast. The upfront hiring cost visibility adds to the portal’s transparency and ease-of-use.
To access the full features of the portal, users need to register on www.tasctemp.com. Once registered, candidates can be recruited as-and-when desired. Currently, the portal offers two modes of payment – credit card and cheque – with plans in place to introduce a purchase-order linked payment mechanism in the near future.
Commenting on the launch of the service, Mahesh Shahdadpuri, CEO – TASC Outsourcing, said, “Within the region’s staffing industry, we are the first to digitalise the hiring process, and are absolutely elated with the launch.”
“We can now serve our customers better with their urgent and temporary staffing needs. In the UAE, temporary hiring is gaining momentum thanks to businesses’ need of scaling-up to meet peak season demand without adding long-term fixed costs. TascTemp offers businesses, such as these, the flexibility of hiring additional or replacement staff on-the-go. Recruiting through TascTemp is fast, easy and compliant. We are confident that the hassle-free, and stress-free recruitment experience on this innovative portal will transform the dynamics of temporary hiring within the region,” he added.
Speaking of the business opportunity, Abbas Ali, SVP – TASC Outsourcing, explained, “Over the last few years, we have seen a steady increase in the demand for temporary or short-duration staff. Moreover, such requirements usually come in last minute. Temporary staffing presents a huge business opportunity, especially if we can capture the last-minute staffing need. First – as per our estimate, online temp staffing business opportunity in the UAE is worth $70 million, and is expected to grow as we approach the World Expo 2020. This estimate is currently for the online temporary staffing segment; while the conventional staffing market size would run into billions of dollars.”
“Second – retail, tourism, events, etc. together contribute close to 20 per cent of UAE’s GDP and these sectors are expected to grow further due to increased investments, and government focus. Growth in these sectors are likely to spur an increase in temporary staffing requirement. Third – there’s a shift in the mindset of the millennial generation, who prefer to work across varied roles and as per their convenience. They are less keen to take-up full time jobs,” he added.
Talking about the benefits of the portal, Melvyn Mascarenhas – AVP Retail at TASC Outsourcing, highlighted, “We realised that while there is a definite market need, the effort and time required in recruiting a short-duration temp staff can get quite cumbersome. We aim to offer a fast, easy, and compliant solution to customers wherein they can hire candidates for common roles such as promoters, front-desk executives, customer service agents, data entry operators, document controller, admin assistant, and so on. We already have plans to add few more roles such as Arabic translators, logistics support executives, etc. In the next phase, we will allow candidates to automatically register on the portal.” – abdulbasit@theuaenews.com