Indian IT firms expect big business deals at Gitex Technology Week

Kamal Vachani
Kamal Vachani

Staff Report

Dubai – Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC) is once again ensuring Indian participation in a big way at the Gitex Technology Week scheduled in Dubai on October 8-12, 2017.

India’s apex trade promotion organisation has been facilitating Indian participation on a regular basis at the Gitex Technology Week to take advantage of the booming IT market in the Gulf and leveraging that association for getting businesses for Indian IT companies from multitude of large global corporations, which are executing projects in the region,” says Kamal Vachani, Hon. Regional Director, Middle East, ESC.

“Gitex Technology Week is continuing to emerge the largest and the most impressive ICT event of its kind in the Middle East. Naturally, India has a great stake in the booming Middle East, Africa, Asia (WANA Region) and European markets for which Dubai is the gateway. Thus the event provides the participating Indian ICT companies opportunities for scouting the expanding Middle East market,” Vachani explained.

ESC has been participating at the GITEX consistently for several years and the participating Indian companies under ESC’s banner have reported high degree of satisfaction. The participating Indian companies have reported to have bagged significant businesses, forged joint ventures, marketing tie ups, etc. with the buyers visiting the exhibition.

“This year in 2017 at Gitex, over 50 Indian ICT companies are participating at the India Pavilion organised by ESC,” informed D.K. Sareen, Executive Director, Electronic and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC).

India pavilion will highlight innovative ICT products & services including Cyber Security Solutions, Mobile Tablets, Power Chargers (Power Banks), Portable PCs, Thin clients and IT Accessories, Software Products on E-Commerce, Time & Attendance, Visitor Management, ELearning Systems, Survey Builder, Quality Mgmt solutions, CMS, CRM, Event Management, Technical Skills in Microsoft .Net, Open Source PHP / RoR, VC++, Qt and Web Design, User Interface (UI) Design, Interactive CBTs, 2D/3D Animations ,Hr & Finance Solutions, Project Management System & Team & Time, Payroll., Biometrics, RFID, Touch-Screen Kiosks, SMS & eMail services, Online Payment Gateways, ERP, Data analysis, Biometric Vertical, Tailor-Made Vertical, Examination Vertical, Learning Management System (LMS), Vehicle Trackers and Personal Trackers, Software Development Services, Outsourced Product, Development, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Server development, Oracle E-Business Suite, Enterprise Application, Implementation & Support, Cloud, Offshore/ Global Outsourcing & Software Development Services, iOS App Development, Mobile App Development, PHP Web Development, Ecommerce Development, CRM Development and Integration, Telecommunication Products, Energy Sector, Banking, Financial Inclusions, Digital Signage , Enterprise Asset Management / CMMS, Web Portal Development, BPO etc.


It is estimated that electronics goods export to Middle East Countries during 2016-17 is valued at $911 million. Amongst the ME countries, UAE is the top destination for India’s electronics export.
Export of software and related services to Middle East has reached to a level of $2,043 million estimated in 2016-17.
India’s total export of electronics hardware during 2016-17 is estimated to be $5,685 million and that of computer software and services is estimated around $111 billion. –