du introduces M-health platform


Staff Report

Dubai: du has introduced a revolutionary M-Health platform, CarePassport on GITEX Technology Week 2017, keeping with the theme ‘10 Times More.’ du M-Health platform, empowers patients to have control over their medical records and information through the application.

du M-health platform, allows patients to aggregate, store, share, and manage all their medical data, including radiology images, lab results, dental, vitals, medications, and lot more

du hosted a roundtable with key stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities in adopting new technologies such as CarePassport into legacy healthcare systems.

During the roundtable, the esteemed panel discussed how a holistic e-health platform that transgresses healthcare verticals, hospitals and geographical boundaries would provide, not only holistic patient information for healthcare providers, but would empower the patients themselves.

Speaking about this revolutionary new technology, Saleem Al Blooshi, Executive Vice President of Network Development and Operations, said: “As a telecommunications and digital service provider, we have the capabilities to ensure the infrastructure across three layers that addresses the key concerns of cyber security, confidentiality and trust, to provide a comprehensive solution that will empower healthcare providers with the confidence that their patients’ data is never compromised.”

“We are seeing the impact of information and communications technology across the medical sector, and in today’s world of automated services, we look forward to empowering individuals with more control over their healthcare. Joining forces with CarePassport enables us to do just that, while taking another step forward into the smart future today,” said, Dr. Mansoor Anwar, Senior Director of Employee Wellness and Happiness.

CarePassport integrates with facilities’ scheduling, clinical results, and medical imaging to help healthcare providers better engage their patients and improve patient satisfaction. It empowers patients to take an active role in their own healthcare through a comprehensive and intuitive mobile application that incorporates the same secure and convenient technology used in travel and banking apps. With a complete view of their medical data available across multiple providers, CarePassport enables users to engage more proactively and meaningfully with their healthcare providers.

Beyond medical data, CarePassport’s technology have lots of capabilities, including to find nearby hospitals and clinics based on a patient’s location, it can also be used to manage, request and remind patients of their medical appointments, it integrates with different HIS/EMR/PACS systems, Fitbit, Nokia and HealthKit platforms tosync with wearable devices, and it enables easy and secure communication with caregivers with the ability to exchange medical records, images, and data. For medical facilities, CarePassport’s scheduling module helps reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations by reminding patients of their appointments and keeping them engaged.

“This platform uses advanced technologies to bridge the gap between patient and provider. It encapsulates the patient’s medical journey in one app, addressing all the communication challenges patients and healthcare providers face today,” said Dr. Mohamed Shoura, Chief Executive Officer, CarePassport Corp. “We are working with some of the largest hospitals in USA and the Middle East to improve patient engagement in healthcare and we are pleased to be working with du to bring our next- generation m-health solution to the UAE.”