UAE Artificial Intelligence strategy launched


Staff Report

Dubai – The UAE Artificial Intelligence strategy was launched to boost government performance, the rate of accomplishing achievements.
The strategy will create a highly productive innovative environment by investing in advanced technologies and AI tools that will be implemented in all fields of work.

The strategy was launched on Monday by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The UAE AI strategy will seek to invest all capabilities in an ideal way, in addition to utilising resources, human and financial capabilities in a constructive manner that will quicken the execution of future programmes and development projects.

Launching the strategy, Shaikh Mohammad said: “The UAE Centennial begins now, with the launch of massive projects such as the AI strategy to set up the basis for the coming phase. This strategy represents the post-smart government phase, and it will be relied on by various future services, sectors and infrastructure projects.”

“We initiated our e-government services 16 years ago, and today, we are launching a phase that will rely on artificial intelligence. We are striving to adopt all tools and AI technologies that will boost government performance on all levels,” said Shaikh Mohammad.
Shaikh Mohammad pointed out that the UAE is striving to become a new hub for developing AI mechanisms, technologies and legislations. He reaffirmed that the UAE Centennial 2071 is based on a range of pillars, the most important of which is adopting AI in all government and private sectors.
“The next phase requires Emiratis specialised in AI to serve our supreme national interests as the implementation of AI technologies will help develop new sectors and create various opportunities for our national economy,” he said.

Activating numerous programmes, initiatives and organising field visits to government bodies and conducting workshops.
Develop capabilities of higher government leaders and enhance skills of all staff operating in the field of technology, in addition to organising training courses for government officials.
Implementation by providing all services via AI, and the full integration of AI into medical and security services. It will boost reliance on AI in routine jobs in order to save time and efforts, and enhance productivity and efficiency. –