T10 Cricket League kicks off with Owners ‘Pick Order’ Draw


Staff Report

Dubai – Cricket’s hottest new format, the T10 Cricket League moved into top gear with the ‘Pick Order’ Draw of the six franchise owners in Dubai.
Reminiscent of major international sports leagues such as NFL, NBA or PSL (Pakistan Super League), the ‘Pick Order’ Draw determines which team will get the first pick in the ‘Player Draft’ to be held in Dubai next month for the inaugural edition of the T10 Cricket League.
There was a buzz and excitement when owners of the six franchises namely Punjabi Legends, Pakhtoons, Maratha Arabians, Bengal Tigers, Colombo Lions and Kerala Kings came up to the stage to dip into a fish bowl to pick the number of their respective team. It reached a crescendo during the second round when each of the team owners picked up one of the six randomly placed bats and peeled off a hidden number from 1 – 6 to determine who will get the first and last pick in the first round of the Draft.
There was friendly banter and rivalry amid a sense of fair play as owners came up to select their bats with Anis Sajan, co-owner of Bengal Tigers even preferring to depend on ‘Lady Luck’ during the draw.
However, it was Maratha Arabians who came up trumps in the draw after team owners Parvez Khan and Ali picked up the No.1 bat to give them a head start in the Draft. Colombo Lions co-owners Vijay Vyas and Kashif Shahzad picked up bat No.2, Pakhtoons owner Habib Khan selected bat No.3, Bengal Tigers claimed bat No. 4, Kerala Kings co-owner Hussain Adam Ali got bat No.5 while Punjabi Legends had to settle for bat No.6. The pick orders for the rest of the rounds will be done randomly to give some form of equality to all teams.
The T10 Cricket League’s Board of Directors and team owners have been swinging into action ever since the first ever T10 Cricket League was launched amid glitz and glamour, in the presence of celebrities and star cricketers on 3rd October 2017 at the JW Marriott Marquis in Dubai.
The Owners ‘Pick Order’ Draw, a lottery system that gives Team Owners the advantage of securing their favourite players in the first round of the upcoming Draft on November, virtually kick-started the T10 Cricket League in the presence of an enthusiastic audience including members of the local and international media.
The Owners ‘Pick Order’ Draw was further enhanced and interest heightened after the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) extended their full support to the much talked about T10 Cricket League which came closely on the heels of other national cricket governing bodies such as the Sri Lanka Cricket, Bangladesh Cricket Board, Zimbabwe Cricket and Emirates Cricket Board approving this extravaganza to be held at Sharjah Cricket Stadium in the UAE from December 14 to 17.
The attraction of Shahid Afridi and the strong line-up of centrally contracted players from Pakistan and Bangladesh, will add a whole new bang to this much looked to 10 over format. With a potential audience of over 1.4 billion South Asian people, 90 minutes of action, 10 overs a side, star players, celebrities, performance shows, South Asian rivalries, performances after every over, drama and nail biting finishes it is undoubtedly cricket’s newest and hottest attraction.
Shaji Ul Mulk, Chairman of Mulk Holdings and the T10 Cricket League, expressed his excitement to the team owners: “I am delighted to announce that the Inaugural T10 Cricket League Draft will feature some of the best international cricketers it has to offer and second to none in its approach of fast paced, captivating and world famous brand ambassadors. On behalf of the team owners, the board of directors and the Emirates Cricket Board, I would like the fans to get behind their respective favorite teams in full spirit and support the hottest format cricket has to offer, the T10 CRICKET LEAGUE!”
Salman Iqbal, President of the T10 Cricket League and Founder and CEO of ARY digital network speaking on the PCB approval and Owners draw said: “Some of the cricketers in the Player Draft are some of the most exciting players in the world with star following of millions of passionate fans. They will be an integral part of our leagues’ success. I would like to thank all the cricket boards for their support for the T10 Cricket League and their progressive thinking towards the development of this game that we all love and wish all the team owners best of luck for the Draft!”
Also adding to the mix of T10 Cricket League, list of current international players including Eoin Morgan captain of the England team, Shakib Al Hasan, Virender Sehwag and Sangakkara, is the ‘cricketentainment’ which will begin from the first ball!
Over 100 performers per match to entertain crowds, crowd interaction, player interaction, rivalries, over 20 celebrities in attendance every match, International players and cricketing action from the first ball!
Teams are solely based in and around the South Asian subcontinent and icons of business, movie industry and sport both in and around the region, including Bollywood actors have bought teams which include – Punjabi Legends (Inzamam Ul Haq and Intizar Ul Haq) led by Misbah-ul-Haq, Pakhtoons (Habib Khan) led by Shahid Afridi, Maratha Arabians (Parvez Khan, Bollywood star: Sohail Khan and Ali Tumbi led by Virender Sehwag), Bengal Tigers (Anis Sajan, Rizwan Sajan, Sirajuddin Alam and Neelesh Bhagatanar), Colombo Lions (Vijay Vyas and Kashif Shahzad led by Shoaib Malik) and Kerala Kings (Hussain Adam Ali and Dr.Shafi Ul Mulk . The games will be broadcast all over the world. ACTION BEGINS from 14th-17th DECEMBER in the historic Guinness record holder, Sharjah Cricket Stadium.