Calidus launches new light attack aircraft at Dubai Airshow


Staff Report

Dubai: Calidus, an Abu Dhabi-based company has launched the B-250, its new light attack aircraft with multirole capabilities at the Dubai Airshow 2017 on 12 November.

The Calidus B-250 has already generated significant interest among regional and international air forces, and its characteristics make it a formidable contender as a CAS, ISR/Armed Reconnaissance and trainer platform, with an extensive multirole weapons capability.

With Rockwell Collins on board as its strategic partners, Calidus have equipped the B-250 with a fully integrated warfighter cockpit, giving the aircraft the same leading-edge avionics that equip the most advanced fighters.

Commenting on the partnership with Rockwell Collins, Hamdan Al Shkeili, Calidus Chief Software Engineer and official spokesperson stated “our selection of the Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics system reflects the standards we share with Rockwell Collins, and which we have set throughout all the components of the first military fighter developed entirely in the UAE. It gives the pilot an intuitive touch interface that reduces his workload and enables him to focus effectively on the mission.”

In further comments, Colin Mahoney, senior vice president, International and Service Solutions for Rockwell Collins said “the UAE aerospace and defense industry continues to grow and Calidus is a part of making that happen. We look forward to working with Calidus to provide our expertise to develop new, local capabilities so customers in the region are equipped to succeed”.

Of major importance for the aircraft’s future, Calidus own 100% of the aircraft’s IP, providing users with a configurational and operational flexibility on par with the B-250’s extensive multirole vocation, and can be configured for either one or two pilots, with full
functionality at both positions.

“Our B-250 is at the cutting-edge of its category whichever way you look at it”, highlighted Al Shkeili.

“We commissioned Novaer in Brazil to come up with the first fully composite structure in its class, and this alone gives the B-250 an operating cost that is as attractive as the performance provided by its light weight. Add to this the vast weapon array controlled by its latest-generation Precision Attack Weapon System, and you have an amazing contender, both within its category and beyond.”

“We have already initiated early development stages of our production complex in Al Ain, the centre that is set to become the region’s hub for aerospace industry excellence, and are proud to be part of the nation’s technology vision.”

The Calidus B-250 has already been put through a rigorous testing program, and is expected to enter full production in the very near future.