Breath-taking diversity of Indian culture wows audiences at Xposure 2017


Staff Report

Duabi: An auditorium full of photography enthusiasts immersed in a journey of cultural and
spiritual heritage of India, as photographers from PhotoWalk Dubai displayed their breathtaking work at Xposure 2017.

The second edition of the International Festival of Photography saw an exemplary display of India’s geographic and cultural landscapes during a session titled ‘We Connect’ by photographers of PhotoWalk Dubai.

One of the most attended sessions of Xposure 2017, ‘We Connect’, was woven into a flowing story of five elements that form the universe, namely, Space, Water, Air, Earth
and Fire with the help of short presentations made by the photographers.

Subodh Shetty, Rajesh Menon, Prasanna Kumar, Chitra Shregil, Sona Nambiar and Mohamed Al Ali engaged the audiences into a mesmerising journey of some of the most
picturesque landscapes of India, explaining how the five elements help connect people
and events.

Opening the session amid loud applause, Shetty said, “As a group of like-minded photographers, we went beyond our comfort zones and through five expeditions we retuned with perfect clicks. We all searched within to find this connect that we are presenting here. From the little known festival of Patan Kadoli to the lost paradise of Himachal Pradesh, from the pristine deserts of Pushkar to the roof of the world Ladakh
and to conclude, the colours of Varanasi. All five elements and one journey– the journey of the soul.”

The photographers, who each represented one element out of five, in an engaging and
informative way accompanied by breath-taking captures, shared their approach on how
they connect with their subjects – from people to places and events.

Concluding the session, Mohammed Al Ali shared his journey into a desert in India (Pushkar) thereby drawing a connection of oneness between the cultures and nations.

He said, “When I travelled from UAE to Pushkar, I could understand that we are all the
same. Across the ocean, I discovered a place that is just like my home. This is how we
connect. It was an opportunity to be able to connect within and outside.”

Xposure 2017, which concluded yesterday, conducted many such thought- provoking and informative sessions on various issues related to photography and life that artists across the world face. The second International Photography Festival Xposure 2017 was organised by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB).