Street photography lessons by Vineet Vohra fascinate visitors at Xposure 2017


Staff Report

Dubai: Vineet Vohra, the world acclaimed street photographer said, “There is no image without a story”, addressing a room full of aspiring street photographers in a workshop titled ‘How To Street’ at Xposure 2017.

The Delhi-based photographer was hosting a workshop on intricacies of Street Photography at the International Photography Festival held at Sharjah Expo Centre.

The two-and- a-half-day intensive workshop was tailor-made to cater to the needs of
participants who wished to train their eyes to know what makes a good street shot.

Vohra, who is considered among the top 20 street photographers in the world, explained the use of camera and manual, shutter and aperture priority modes in some on-the-spot evaluation sessions.

Evaluating a picture clicked by one of the participants during a session, he said, “Average life of a picture is just three seconds. Your click has to be perfect in terms of composition for it to be memorable. Bad compositions make them not memorable.”

He also advised the participants and answered queries about camera angles, reflection
images, the balancing elements, eye for the unusual and more.

Addressing one of the questions on the definition of a good street photograph, he said,
“Anything that is weird and unusual and has a story behind it, is a good street photograph. It has to be as natural as possible. A street photograph is a straight photograph. But a very good street photograph has an element of mystery in it. There has to be a story being told.”

Xposure 2017, which was conducted yesterday, arranged many such thought-provoking and informative sessions on various issues related to photography that artists across the world face. The second International Photography Festival, Xposure 2017, was organised by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB).