15,000 students participated in ‘Victory Project’ to be unveiled on Dec 2


Staff Report

Dubai: Global Village is set to reveal one of the UAE’s largest ever community engagement initiatives, the Victory Project, during the 46th UAE National Day celebrations. The initiative was specifically designed to instill patriotism among the Emirati students and has seen a tremendous response.

The Victory Project is a Global Village community initiative that registered the participation of 15,000 students from 111 schools from across the UAE. The students were encouraged to paint and decorate sculptures that depict the three-fingered UAE victory salute with the UAE National Day theme in mind. More than 3,000 sculptures have been collected from the students and evaluations of the winners have been completed to be announced during the UAE National Day celebrations at Global Village.

Global Village launched the Victory Project community initiative in early October 2017 to involve school students and showcase their artistic talents. The initiative revolves around artistic and creative expression of students on ceramic tiles that are designed in the form of the victory salute of the three fingers. Each sculpture was painted by a group of 5 students in ways and colors inspired by the values of the UAE National Day.

Bader Anwahi, Chief Operating Officer of Global Village, commented on the importance of this initiative and said: “Every year, we launch community initiatives that contribute to the development of students’ artistic talent and contribute to instilling the important principles of patriotism. This year, we witnessed the participation of more than 15,000 students from more than 111 schools across the UAE. They have expressed their creativity with 3,000 ceramic tiles, all of which will be displayed at a special location in the park throughout December 2017.”

A special jury evaluated the sculptures and selected the three most beautiful works of art, in accordance with the criteria of linking the idea to the theme of the UAE National Day, and keeping in mind the aesthetics of the presentation. The three winning works will receive a prizes up to Dh100,000, awarded to the schools for the development of the arts department. Students who created the 10 most beautiful templates will also receive a collection of Global Village Memorial Gifts. All students participating in the initiative will be honored with certificates of appreciation.

Bridget Justen, Principal of Al Mizhar American Academy School, said: “We were very pleased to take part in this project where around 300 of our students, from Grade 1 to 5, participated. They were extremely excited about their work and designs.”

‘Before starting this project, our girls watched the Amazing Dubai movie that inspired them to create their sculptures. That was a great experience as they learned about the country they live in and were able to reflect what they learnt in their art.”

Special events and highly anticipated cultural entertainment have been planned to commemorate the 46th UAE National Day, between 1st and the 5th December 2017. All celebrations and events for UAE National Day activities at Global Village are included in the ticket price of Dh15.