Borouge, Utico collaborates on longest PE100 water transmission pipeline


Staff Report

Dubai: Borouge, a leading petrochemical company that provides plastics solutions,  join together with Utico in carrying out the largest PE100 water transmission pipeline project in the GCC. The highlight of the largest joint project was made as part of Borouge’s participation at Big 5, the international building and construction tradeshow, being held in Dubai from 26 to 29 November 2017.

Borouge provided Utico, the largest private utility company in the region, with a group of its creative polyethylene solutions to make pipes for the company’s water transmission pipeline project connecting four emirates Ras Al Khaimah, Um Al Quwain, Ajman and Sharjah. The 55km pipeline, which ranges in size from 1,200mm to1,400mm diameter, has a peak capacity of 50MIGD and will eventually serve up to 900,000 people.

“We are pleased that our innovative solutions are being used by Utico, one of our key technical partners in the UAE, for their ground-breaking water transmission pipeline. This is a real testament that our solutions are reliable, sustainable and create value to businesses across the value chain,” said Ahmed Al Shamsi, Senior Vice President Regional MEAE, Borouge.

Utico chose Borouge’s BorSafe HE3490-LS and HE3490-LS- H grades for the production of their pipeline, which is both the longest and largest diameter PE100 water transmission pipeline in the region.

Abdulatif AlMulla, Board Director of Utico, highlighted the strong partnership with Borouge explaining that both companies are aiming to push the technical limits of infrastructure projects carried out in the country.

“Due to the large diameter, the wall thickness of the 1,400mm SDR13.6 pipes is 103mm, the highest transmission pipe wall thickness that has been produced in the region. They could only be produced using the extra low sag variant of Borouge’s BorSafe HE3490-LS- H grade.”

He further added that this is in line with innovation and sustainability directives promoted by the rulers of the country.

Arsenio Sembrano, General Manager of Utico Transmission, explained that as a dynamic utility organisation, Utico decided to opt for Borouge’s PE100 solutions over other material options because they are committed to ensure quality, sustainability and whole life cost effectiveness of their projects.

“Taking into account aspects such as the value of the desalinated water to be carried by the
pipeline and cost of pumping water a distance of 55km, we decided that a leak-free fully-welded pipeline having a smooth inner surface would be the ideal solution for our project.”

He went on to say that “Both of these aspects will save energy and the Utico pipeline can be considered as a ground breaking Green project. We believe that PE100 is the right material for the piping systems of the future.”

The 55km of pipes and fittings were produced by two of Borouge’s leading UAE customers, namely Cosmoplast and Union Pipes Industry (UPI). Cosmoplast produced the majority of the pipeline length, whilst UPI produced the larger diameter pipes.

At Big 5, Borouge demonstrated its Borstar  RA140E which is an innovative PP- R grade, together with its new generation PE-RT grade Borstar HE3466RT, both for the hot and cold water market, alongside its established BorSafe and BorECO BA212E PP-B raw materials used in manufacturing indoor drainage pipelines.

Together with partners including Georg Fischer, RAKtherm, McElroy, NAFFCO and UPI, Borouge also organised a technical seminar for regional end user organisations and customers attending the Big 5 tradeshow. Borouge’s speakers focused on introducing the new generation materials of PP-R and PE-RT, as well as BorECO PP-B for waste water systems and rainwater management.

Other speakers highlighted topics such as advances in the NDT inspection of fusion pipe joints, the quality management of pipe production, innovations for improved PP-R pipe jointing and the use of PE100 pipe systems in oil and gas, firefighting, mining and even nuclear applications.