DAB targets 20% growth in the GCC water management technology market


Staff Report

Dubai: DAB Water Technology, an Italian front-runner in the global water management industry, is unveiling the world’s smartest energy-efficient water management solution for urban development at the Big 5 in Dubai, starting from November 26 to 29, 2017.

D.Connect provided with a smart and fast mobile App and a dedicated website, it enables remote interaction for the real time modification of parameters and monitoring operation of connected products.

DAB is among a few water technology solution providers globally to offer a comprehensive
range with more than 2,000 products. DAB produces over three million pumps per year
catering mainly to residential, commercial, and agricultural irrigation sectors.

The company registered in 2017 a turnover of 16.5 million  Euros in the Middle East area, over a global turnover of 285 million Euros, with a 12 per cent increase over the previous year for this specific region. With the launch of the new inverter technology e.syline in combination with the new products’ monitoring and control systems as D.Connect, further to its entire innovative proposal, DAB targets a 20 per cent growth in the GCC in the next four years.

DAB’s focus is the exponential infrastructure-development underway in this region with a huge requirement for sustainable water pumping, submersible motoring and other water
management technology solutions. DAB specifically focuses on environmental issues by
promoting various initiatives to reduce the environmental impact, and 100 per cent of the water used in processing is filtered and reused.

D.Connect functions on a smart phone with specific applications and advantages converting
the smart device as the actual working tool. DAB introduces this new service to help
commercial and industrial developments to optimise their water management system and
monitor performance of the products.

Commenting on this, Mr. Paolo Montanari, Group Director for Marketing & Sales at DAB Water Technology, said, “We are glad participate in the Big-5 exhibition as a major global industrial manufacturer showcasing a line-up of technologically advanced and smart solutions ideal for the Middle East market. Our commitment for environmental conservation is consistent and compatible with the current transformation of Dubai and the region towards green technology.”

“D.Connect is an innovative remote control of systems with a connectivity area fitted with
DAB electronics. This technology matches the requirement of Dubai and the GCC region for the future growth of infra-development sector with reliable quality standards from Italy” he added.

“The solutions we offer in the water management segment enable ease of installation, energy savings and maximum reliability in the domestic, residential, and civil sectors. This is part of our strategy to grab the Middle East market increasing the market share at least one per cent in the next three years,” Montanari further said.

Mr. Michel Porro, Regional Manager GCC Area at DAB Water Technology, said, “We are
proud to bring D.Connect to the regional market. This advanced technology meets the
demand of international users for the simplicity of use. D.Connect enables checking the
operation of systems without necessarily visiting their customers as it features immediate fault alerts, updates of product software, preventive assistance and information on how to make the best use of the system.”

“Apart from D.Connect and e.syline DAB also showcases some of the most advanced
solutions, among which e.swim, an electronic swimming pool pump, and also presents
D.Training, a training institute for water handling technologies with a customized and modular teaching proposal including online sessions made possible thanks to the new interactive D.Learning platform,” “DAB’s added value has always been its ability to combine an extensive experience and tradition with research on technological innovation”, he added.

DAB offers high-quality pumps with energy saving features and advanced technology,
guaranteeing a constant growth in the future. DAB has already a network of distributors for the region with a strong team to manage the business development.

For residential sector, DAB provides high energy savings in heating, air conditioning, water
supply and pressure boosting, irrigation and gardening, and filtration of swimming pool water.

For commercial applications, DAB provides circulation systems for heating and cooling, pressurisation in water supply and fire prevention systems and disposal of waste water. For agricultural irrigation, the company provides pumping solutions for extraction of water from subsoil in agricultural applications, as well as for irrigation.