Conference connected futurists from across the globe in the Middle East.


Staff Report

Dubai: The biggest edition of the seventh international conference LaFutura have successfully concluded with exciting prospects and inspiring visions, under the theme ‘The future is yours to create.’ For the first time, the world’s leading trendspotting organization brought together renowned futurists from across the globe in the Middle East.

In the biggest edition of seventh international conference, around 200 attendees participated in discussing the latest future trends with local representatives and international companies.

“I’m very pleased with and proud of the course and the outcome of the conference,” said Brett Cameron, Managing Director Serviceplan Experience, responsible for the organization of this year’s LaFutura event in Dubai.

“And even though I’ve seen, experienced and worked on a lot of extraordinary events in my career, I was very much looking forward to LaFutura professionally and personally. Meeting and working with experts, creative thinkers and futurists from different disciplines and industries was truly inspiring.”

The two-day conference started with a ‘trend journey’, which took the participants to innovation centres of global brands such as Coca Cola, and governmental institutions like in 5, which is an enabling platform for entrepreneurs and startups.

The second day invited the participants to listen to inspiring keynote speeches by renowned futurists. One of them included artist Daan Roosegarde, who spoke about purely nature inspired futuristic projects. In the subsequent workshops – ‘Future of Energy’, ‘Future of Mobility’ and ‘Future of Communication’ – the conference members worked on new ideas and future visions, which were then pitched to the entire delegation with exciting and pioneering output.

Together with other experts and attendees, Serviceplan Group Middle East, one of the LaFutura 2017 hosts, discussed the ‘Future of Communication’ in a workshop, which considered diverse prospects for the future challenging the delegates to reconsider their viewpoints. The results will be merged into an exclusive white paper which will be revealed during Dubai Lynx in March 2018.

Rami Hmadeh, Managing Director of Serviceplan Group Middle East said, “The whitepaper isn’t only our vision of communication in the future. It is a viable and realistic yet highly innovative and creative guide that will actively assist and lead brands through the development process of marketing communication for the future. I personally can’t wait to see it come to life.”