Dubai chamber workshop examines legal aspects of managing insurance claims


Staff Report

Dubai: The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised a workshop, aimed to provide businesses with more clarity on the legal aspects of managing insurance claims in the UAE.

The workshop was organised in cooperation with Fichte and Co., attended by Dubai Chamber members, lawyers and legal professionals, general managers, business owners, corporate counsel, insurance professionals, insurance brokers and shipping executives.

The workshop familiarised participants with relevant laws, best practices and practical tips for efficiently managing insurance claims, while sessions during the event provided guidance on handling the insurance underwriting process. In addition, presentations aimed to enhance participants’ understanding of shipping related insurance aspects and the importance of protecting the interests of businesses.

The workshop was moderated by Mr. Narayan Iyer, Senior VP, Union Insurance; Mrs. Jasamin Fichte, Managing Partner, Fichte and Co., and Mr. Siva Balakrishnan, Senior Associate, Fichte and Co Legal, who reviewed practical aspects of insurance claims and risk management.

Mrs. Jasamin Fichte, Managing Partner, Fichte and Co. noted that the foundation of this workshop was to provide individuals from various industries with an overview of insurance laws in the UAE, as well as key legal elements and purposes of the regulation in general.

For her part, Ms. Jehad Kazim, Director of Dubai Chamber’s Legal Services Department said: “Insurance claims handling is a complex integration of legal and commercial aspects that requires businesses to follow standard procedures and processes. Due to complexities in how we do business today, risk management is an important aspect of management prowess.”

Kazim stressed the importance of hosting the workshop to raise awareness among the business community about key legal aspects related to insurance claims, and said that such events help keep companies up-to- date on the latest regulation that impacts companies
in the UAE.

She added that the strong interest and participation in workshop reflects the growing maturity of Dubai’s economy and business community.