Casio G-Shock collaborates with Emirati Motocross to launch a Limited Edition Mudmaster timepiece in a special Collector’s Box


Staff Report

Dubai: Casio G-Shock, in collaboration with Emirati Motocross champion Mohammed Al
Balooshi, has launched a Limited Edition Al Balooshi Mudmaster timepiece that comes
in a special Collector’s Box.

The special Mudmaster Watch Box is produced in limited quantity for discerning local watch aficionados, as part of a Casio initiative to promote Al Balooshi in the UAE and support other local sports talents.

The professional motorcycle rider with the largest awards, Al Balooshi and his team
members were present at the launch event, which was held recently in partnership with
the Concepts Store in City Walk in the presence of senior officials from Casio Middle

The event was highlighted with a special Meet and Greet and an autograph signing
session for Al Balooshi fans, followed by the announcement of winners of the social
media competition that was conducted on the brand’s social media pages prior to the

G-Shock Mudmaster is mud and shock resistant, built to prevent intrusion by sand, mud
or dust to ensure reliable operation even in harsh environments. It has triple-sensors that provide quick and precise direction and measurement of atmospheric pressure,
temperatures and altitudes.

Koji Naka, Managing Director, Casio Middle East, announced: “Featuring Mohammed Al
Balooshi in our limited edition G-Shock Mudmaster and the special Collector’s Box is
part of Casio’s efforts to support Emirati champions and highlight their achievements
particularly in the field of sports. The collaboration is a natural partnership that reflects
our shared values in excellence, precision, toughness and shock resistance.”

Al Balooshi, who is the first Emirati to take part in the Dakar Rally in the motorcycles
category, commented: “It is a wonderful opportunity to be part of a noble initiative with
the aim of inspiring the younger generation of Emirati sports talents and I am proud to
represent the local sports community to the world. It is very important for every local
talent to gain the support of world-class brands and I thank Casio Middle East and the
management for their trust and cooperation, and for helping me accomplish my mission
along the way. G-Shock is a very powerful brand which has many cool features that
have stayed with me all throughout my trainings. My Casio G-Shock Mudmaster is a
companion that truly meets me at the performance level.”

Casio Middle East declared that it will continue to promote activities and collaboration
initiatives that highlight the remarkable accomplishments of local Emirati sports talents
with the objective of inspiring the younger generation in further pursuing their goals, with the support of the sports community in the UAE.