Motorists alert: Dh500 fine, black points for using hazard light on during fog in UAE

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Staff Report

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police warned on Monday to motorists who turn on their hazards lights while driving during foggy weather conditions will be fined Dh500 with four black points.

The police asked light vehicle drivers to stop driving when visibility level drops to zero and park their cars in a nearby safe area. When they park their cars then drivers can turn on their hazard lamps to alert other motorists.

Also, public transport and workers’ buses having a capacity of 14, 24 and 60 passengers are required to stop driving on all roads of the emirate during foggy weather conditions and when visibility level drops to less than 50 metres.
Violating bus drivers will be fined Dh500 with four black points, the police said.
Recently the police said as per the road traffic rule No. 178 for 2017, truck drivers will be fined Dh1,000 with four black points for violating traffic rules during foggy weather conditions.
Both bus and truck drivers were asked to avoid taking to the roads until the visibility is clear.
Brigadier Khalifa Mohammad Al Khaili, Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department of Abu Dhabi Police, said both bus and truck drivers will be fined, if they are found violating the road traffic rules during the foggy weather conditions.
The police have issued warning due to unstable foggy weather conditions in the emirate, particularly on the internal and external roads where visibility level dropped significantly during the morning and night. –