Sharjah Police install radars to detect parking violations


Staff Report

Sharjah – The Sharjah Police have installed new radars to catch motorists who illegally use parking spaces allocated for people of determination.

So, next time when you try parking your car in the space designated for special needs persons, you will be alerted by a beam against doing so. Later-on you will be booked if you do not heed to the warning.

The environment-friendly radars – which are in a trial phase – will be installed at shopping malls, parks and other areas in the city.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Alai Al Naqbi, director of the traffic and patrolling department of the Sharjah Police, said that the new device will initially warn and alert motorists through a beaming light when they park their cars in areas marked for special needs people.

The light will keep flashing for a minute while the motorist tries to park his car in the unauthorised area. If he insists on parking, then he will be fined.

Lt Colonel Al Naqbi said that the main objective of placing the radars is to respect the right of people of determination to park their cars in designated areas and to ensure that their parking areas are not misused.

He said that the radar has a camera that will take pictures of the car parking. It can also calculate how long the car was parked as well as verify if the vehicle is being used by people of determination or not.