DIAMUN Conference debates on global innovation in education, energy and economy


Staff Report

Dubai – Dubai International Academy (DIA) hosted the 10th Dubai International Academy’s Model United Nations (DIAMUN), from 14 to 17 March 2018 and discussed some of the most pressing global issues today, including war, poverty and over-dependence on black oil.

The theme for this decennial conference was ‘Global Innovation in Education, Energy and the Economy’, which encouraged attendees at DIAMUN 2018 to think about how education and energy play a crucial role in strengthening global economies. The conference challenged the notion that students cannot foster change and reinforces the fact there is more than one way of saving lives.

Poonam Bhojani, the CEO of Innoventures Education, remarked: “Over the years, we have witnessed the conference grow as it raises the benchmark for international discourse. Students are placed in settings that require evaluation and analysis of complex world issues, be it on a micro or macro level, and in turn need to develop plausible solutions to address these issues.”

DIAMUN specifically brought several hundred of the world’s most open-minded, innovative, confident global leaders who want to use this platform to develop the skills they will need to change the world. The previous conference, DIAMUN 2017, hosted a record number of over 900 delegates and directors from over 52 schools.

What made DIAMUN so special is that it is the only THIMUN (The Hague International Model United Nations) affiliated conference in the UAE, giving students a unique opportunity to interact with an international conference without travelling abroad. Model United Nations also has the unique ability to unify students from different backgrounds and nations to collectively work towards a cohesive and united goal.

Aditya Rathi, 17, DIAMUN 2018’s Secretary General, explained: “Succinct ideation, zealous debate and critical thinking are the pillars on which we are proud to have built MUN on”.

The DIAMUN conference spanned over four days and offered participating members the opportunity to attend a real-life simulation of a United Nations Conference. Each delegate was assigned a country to represent and is presented with topics and current events.

The delegates then debated over these ideas, expressing their opinions and views. This was done in every committee and was overlooked by three student chairs. This year, DIAMUN hosted 16 committees to meet the tremendous demand. DIAMUN also gave students the chance to mingle with others and develop networking skills through social events and other interactive opportunities. -abdulbasit@theuaenews.com