‘Beyond 2018’ summit kicks off today in Dubai


Staff Report

Dubai – The ’Beyond 2018 – In the Future’ summit kicked off on April 5 in Dubai. It is a thought leadership event for the Information and Communications Technology industry that will bring together representatives of the public and the private sectors, including leaders and top-ranking professionals from telecom operators, telecoms technology companies and leading consulting firms, active within the Information and Communications Technology arena.
“Tech Mahindra will share its vision of the future along with solutions to empower the telecom sector in the region and achieve the business objectives of the industry to run better, change faster and grow greater,” Tech Mahindra Communications President Manish Vyas told reporters during a media briefing ahead of the full day event in Madinah Jumeirah Hotel.
Vyas said, “Tech Mahindra foresees the telecom of the future leading the world to change the way we live, work, and play due to the impact of 3 megatrends.”
First, he talked about an explosion of connected devices and said as the industry embarks to connect 20B devices and more, massive IoT will disproportionately push the network limits on the total number of connections the operators need to pay for as license fees and manage with legacy hardware-centric Radio Access Network. Moreover, new applications, such as multi-party gaming and self-flying drones will demand ultra-low latency. AR/VR devices will have a massive multiplier effect on the total data traffic volume and will put much higher throughput and stringent latency demands on the network. Telecom operators must meet these unprecedented demands on throughput, connections and ultra-low latency at a much lower cost.
Secondly, he emphasized that to seize the emerging 5G opportunities, networks will have to deliver much-more-for-far-less. Talking about the third megatrend, he said, Growing streaming video consumption and new bandwidth-hungry applications such as video calling & photo/video sharing will continue to further drive exponential data traffic growth on mobile networks
As a leading global technology and digital services company, being future-ready is Tech Mahindra’s prime responsibility. The company’s focus is on creating convergent experiences for customers through the interplay of design and digital technology. To achieve this, Tech Mahindra is creating the Networks of the Future to build a fully connected world and IoT solutions that provide real-world experiences. With DevOps software techniques, cloud automation and Artificial Intelligence driving business velocity, the company’s aim is to build a foundation for creating the customer experiences of the future.
He said that to gear up for the future, telecom operators will need to make the best use of advances in software technologies like Automation, Cloud, Microservices, AI/ML, Open source, etc. They will have to become intelligent, flexible, agile, and scalable, and highly responsive to rapidly changing market environments.
He added that they also need to adopt Networks-of-Future, which will be the nervous system for our hyper-connected world, built-upon virtualized and software-defined architecture that supports hyper-automation.
At the same time, he said, operators would need to create value across the IoT ecosystem by enabling smart interactions between people, processes, and things.
Telecommunication service providers will have to deliver an integrated and consistent customer experience across journeys that span digital and physical realms, he said.
Advances in technology are transforming businesses and governments in the Middle East & North Africa region and the telecom sector is in the forefront of change. With digital innovation becoming increasingly crucial for competitiveness, Tech Mahindra has solutions for the industry that are being adopted globally. -abdulbasit@theuaenews.com