Asian man kills colleague on AED2,000 dispute


Staff Report

Abu Dhabi – An Asian man is on trial for stabbing his colleague to death using a kitchen knife. The victim was stabbed after he was asked to repay Dh2,000 the accused owed him.

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance heard that the Asian attacked the worker with the knife after an argument. Official court documents stated that the man had stabbed the man working in Abu Dhabi twice in the stomach which caused his death.

The incident occurred earlier this year when the defendant, a Dubai resident, had visited the Asian victim at their accommodation in Musaffah industrial area.

An eyewitness told the court that he travelled with the defendant in a taxi from Dubai to the victim’s house to visit him and his roommates who are their friends.

And while at their house, an argument broke out between the pair after the defendant allegedly asked the victim to pay back the Dh2,000 which he had borrowed from him.

“During the scuffle, the defendant grabbed a knife from the victim and used it to stab him in the stomach and the shoulder,” said the witness.

Police arrived at the scene after being notified of the incident by the man’s roommates but found him dead after losing a lot of blood.

The man admitted to attacking his colleague with a kitchen knife to the court but claimed it was in self-defence. He said the victim is the one who started the fight and also got the knife from the kitchen and stabbed him in the arm.

“The victim used the knife first and stabbed me in the hand. He was trying to stab me but I managed to grab the knife from him and also used it against him just to protect myself. I didn’t mean to kill him.”

The trial was adjourned until June 29.