Boon Tech expands network to Middle East with Dubai office

The world’s first AI-powered freelance job platform is set to redefine the way Freelancers and Entrepreneurs interact in the region


Staff Report

Dubai – Boon Tech, after an immensely successful operation in the US, expands its presence to the Gulf region. Adding another first to its credit Boon Tech is also the first blockchain project to be accepted by Oracle Startup System making it the official partner of Oracle Corporation.
With Dubai setting its sights on becoming the world’s first Blockchain-Powered Government, Boon Tech has opened its first international office in Dubai – prompted by the Middle East’s sheer market size and huge growth potential for Boon Tech’s freelance job platform.
In the recent past, Dubai in particular and the Middle East region, on the whole, has presented great opportunities with hundreds of SMEs being launched every day along with a growing need for online presence. Dubai is known for its highly talented and skilled overseas workforce. Employers are constantly on the lookout for online services for hiring rather than investing huge money on visa arrangements and bringing in employees from other countries. BoonTech aims to attract employers from Dubai and the Middle East as well as freelancers from the region and beyond.
Boon Tech is a blockchain based AI-powered decentralized online job portal offering a free platform where employers and freelancers can meet to carry out transactions involving freelance services with cryptocurrency rewards. Being the first job portal to be powered by Artificial Intelligence in the world, Boon Tech combines concepts from job marketplace with lessons learned from building cryptocurrencies and their communities.
Speaking on regional tie-ups Boon Tech’s founder and CEO – Rajesh Pavithran commented “We are always looking for partnerships with other companies in both blockchain and non-blockchain vertical. So, if there are companies that can help us grow our business and help our customers, we are open for new partnerships and tie-ups.”
On regional investors he added, “Not at time, but we are open for discussion. We did a crowdsale earlier and raised funds for marketing and further expansion.”
Boon Tech utilizes massive computation power and data analytics to gain accuracy, giving its users a much higher ROI compared to traditional platforms.
Value fluctuation and volatility of cryptocurrencies are the most sceptical factors which could discourage the freelancers. One of the key advantages for Freelancers undertaking assignments on Boon Tech’s portal is being paid with stable Boon Dollar that does not fluctuate like other cryptocurrencies as it is hedged with US Dollar. The company’s reliable patent pending hedging technology incorporated in its platform eliminates volatility, so that freelancers will know upfront their remuneration in USD before committing to a job.
Talking about online safety of the medium, Rajesh added, “Cryptocurrency prevails the online world for the fact that it is secure, thanks to the blockchain technology. The decentralized aspect of the blockchain, makes life fairly tough for the hackers. It is virtually impossible for the hackers to break blockchain security.”
“Boon Tech uses highly secured wallets and companies like trust wallet, Proxy card, Cashaa etc to conduct the transaction. Our platform is 100% safe and secure.
But you can’t take chances. Keeping this in mind, we’ve introduced complicated encryption techniques to secure our platform.” he concluded.