Karachiites reject MQM, welcome PTI


Abdul Basit

Elections 2018 results surprised a number of political heavyweights and seasoned politicians as they suffered defeat in their strongholds. But the elections results were more shocking for MQM as they lost the support of Karachiites and managed to win only four National Assembly seats in Karachi compared to 17 seats they won in the last elections of 2013. A similar situation is in Sindh Assembly as MQM won only 16 seats in 2018 elections compared to 50 seats in 2013 elections.
In 2018 Elections, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) won a record 14 National Assembly seats from Karachi and also declared winner on 23 Sindh Assembly seats. In 2013 election, PTI won one National Assembly seat and four Sindh Assembly seats from Karachi.
Since 1988 Elections MQM has been winning the majority of National Assembly and Sindh Assembly seats from Karachi until 2013 elections. But they did not meet the expectations of Karachiites.
Karachi earns more than 70 per cent of the total revenues of Pakistan but did not get its due share until now. MQM failed to get the proper share of Karachi from the national exchequer since they came into power in 1988. Karachi has many problems from water to power, law and order, and etc. But not a single problem of Karachi has been resolved as of now.
That’s the reason Karachiites rejected MQM in 2018 Elections, and selected PTI as they think that there will be a change in Pakistan’s biggest city during the era of Imran Khan.
Let’s hope for the best.