Gulf Pinnacle Logistics aims further growth in school bus transportation business

Shailesh Dash, Chairman of Gulf Pinnacle Logistics

Staff Report

Gulf Pinnacle Logistics, one of the leading school bus transport providers in the UAE, aims to sign more than five new schools adding thousands of students by the end of 2018 as the company is in advanced discussions with various schools in the country, according to the top official of the company.

Gulf Pinnacle Logistics (GPL), entered into the promising student bus transportation business under the name of Gulf Pinnacle Transport (GPT) in September 2016 as it identified a niche logistics market with significant growth potential. GPT envisioned itself to be a prominent student bus transportation service company by securing transportation contracts with quality schools and providing their students with world-class transportation services complemented by best-in-class security features to students, their parents and the schools.

GPT’s humble beginnings were three school transportation contracts providing services to 450 students with 30 busses. In less than two years, the firm was able to expand its transportation contracts to 13 schools, served via 250 buses and catering transportation services to more than 6,000 students. This phenomenal growth is largely driven by a tremendous business development effort of its management team, operational excellence and state-of-the art technology features. GPT’s portfolio of schools is a mix of highly regarded schools spread between Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah offering British, American and Indian Curriculums.

Chairman of Gulf Pinnacle Logistics, Shailesh Dash, mentioned: “Safety is our number one priority. We have excelled as we raised the bar for safety measures in the industry and are privileged to be the recipient of RTA’s Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport on the Category of Safety for the year 2017. Being recognised as an industry leader for safety, has helped the company gain momentum, as new schools wanted to partner with us.”

GPT’s transportation business has not only been successful in capturing significant market share but is also well-positioned and ready to secure further school contracts. The company is currently in advanced discussions with 7-8 schools to provide them with similar customised value-for-money transportation solutions. “Our company is witnessing exponential growth, and we are confident that this growth will continue for the near future,” Shailesh Dash added.

GPT consistently strives towards improving its technology infrastructure, expanding its fleet, upgrading its bus-driver training methodology and providing a top-notch experience to the parents who have entrusted the firm with the hefty responsibility of transporting their kids home safely.

“Our GPS systems allow parents to track the location of their kids with real-time updates and our camera systems assist us in monitoring the performance of our bus drivers and attendants.” Ganesh Sivaraman, GPT’s Senior Vice President highlighted. He added, “We have heavily invested in route-management technology solutions to optimise the performance levels of our buses on various fronts such as transportation time, route optimisation and cost.”