Dubai receives 1,534 amnesty applications on first day


Abdul Basit

Dubai’s Al Aweer received 1,534 amnesty applications on the first day on Wednesday, informed Brigadier Khalaf Al Gaith, Assistant Director-General, Violators and Foreigners Follow-up Section in Dubai, during a news conference on August 2, 2018.

Brig Al Gaith said that Al Aweer centre, specially set up for amnesty seekers, received people from other emirates. One Asian young man came to the Al Aweer centre, who did not have a birth certificate and he was staying in the country without legal document since his birth.

He said, “An Asian family came with their 18-year-old son seeking amnesty for his fines as an illegal resident. His family didn’t get any birth papers issued for him. We waived his fines which were more than Dh1 million and coordinated with his embassy to get necessary documents issued for him and grant him an outpass so he can leave the country after 10 days.”

“We’ve had many cases of people who were born here and did not have the required residency visa since birth but we also waived their penalties,” Brig Al Gaith informed.

Al Aweer centre issued 326 outpasses to applicants seeking to leave the country without paying fines.

Brig Al Gaith mentioned that many people were confused about where to go and did not have passports or travel documents. “Most of the amnesty-seekers came from other emirates and we advised them to go to the respective amnesty centres in their emirates,” he added.

The government data revealed 408 people applied to renew their visas at Amer centres on the first day, 260 to modify their residency status with new sponsors, 124 to lift absconding cases against them and 416 people applied for visa cancellation without changing their status. Amer centres received about 6,000 calls enquiring about the amnesty and how to change the status. About 2,600 calls were about the amnesty period and required documents.

Al Gaith said those who met the requirements were not given any penalties. The GDRFA official also reminded those who are looking for amnesty get ready their documents or get the necessary documentation from their respective embassies or consulates to facilitate the amnesty process. “If an applicant is ready with all the documents, in less than half an hour the entire procedure will be over.”
“We have called on each amnesty-seeker to get a passport or travel document before coming to the amnesty centres. We have asked the people whose visas are cancelled to get a new sponsor or visa to change their status in the country.”