O Boticário produces Malbec Signature perfume for UAE market

Brazilian fragrance brand especially creates a premium product with Oud to target Arab customers


Staff Report

The world-renowned Brazilian fragrance brand O Boticário is proud to introduce Malbec Signature, the first upper premium fragrance of Malbec’s portfolio made with the rare Oud, in the UAE market.

O Boticário is the largest fragrance player in Brazil and has more than 4,000 stores across the globe. Today, it is the most beloved beauty brand in Brazil with a complete portfolio. Among them, Malbec stands out as the best-selling fragrance in the country.

A few weeks ago, O Boticário opened its first international Amphora concept store at City Centre Mirdif, Dubai, along with its Dubai-based partner Millennial Capital. Malbec Signature is available at the Dubai outlet, but the stock is limited.

O Boticário especially created Malbec Signature for the UAE market because this premium launch will deliver a product that is connected with local consumers’ preferences as they are passionate about the fragrances mixed with Oud.

“We believe the understanding of perfume and its use is highly evolved and very unique to Arabic culture and that’s the reason we are especially introducing Malbec Signature for the UAE market. We hope the people with the passion for Oud will love this new and unique fragrance. Malbec Signature, appealing to men with a vintage chic, is part of our commitment to this market,” said André Farber, Vice President of Business and Franchises at O Boticário.
The first Eau de parfum (EDP) of Malbec was born from the exclusive combination of the essence of Malbec grapes with one of the most valuable ingredients of perfumery: Oud wood. The result is a woody fragrance with unique sophistication.

Like all products of Malbec Portfolio, the Malbec Signature has as its main ingredient Malbec´s grapes essence and it is macerated in French oak barrels, such as the original Malbec. O Boticário was the first company in the world to use this type of ingredient in perfumery. Since the creation of Malbec in 2004, it gives a special and exclusive touch to the fragrances of the line.

What distinguishes and elevates Malbec Signature to a higher level of seduction and sophistication is the exclusive Privé Accord that combines the existing Malbec with Oud – an ingredient originating from the Southeast Asia, which is more valuable than gold because it is considered a precious jewel in fine perfumery.

Andreea Danila, Founder and Managing Director of Millennial Capital said, “We are thrilled to have this exclusive woody fragrance for the UAE market. This perfume befits special occasions and those who understand the fine line between high perfumery and one that is designed especially for royalty. We hope that Malbec Signature will be a good addition in the Arab world’s perfumery market.”

According to analysts Euromonitor International, the Beauty and Personal Care market in the Gulf region is set to reach a total value of US$13.662 billion in 2020, up from $ 8.5 billion in 2015. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are set to provide the maximum momentum in this growth surge, with the Saudi Arabian market for Beauty and Personal Care estimated to reach $9.54 billion in 2020 and demand in the UAE set to reach $2.72 billion in the same period.