UAE food prices among the most affordable in the world


Staff Report

The UAE is among the cheapest in the world when it comes to counting on food prices in the country as the government continues to invest and improve its food security, according to Economist magazine’s Global Food Security Index 2018.
It says food prices in the UAE are the fourth-most affordable globally, thanks to stronger dirham, improved domestic food production through new technologies and shifting focus to safe havens such as Eastern Europe, Australia and North and South America.

The index ranked the UAE 31st worldwide in terms of overall food security with 72.5 score, two spots up from 33rd and an improvement of 0.8 points year-on-year. In the Gulf region, the Emirates is ranked fourth in overall food security, ahead of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

In terms of natural resources and resilience, the UAE was ranked 113rd, a drop of nine positions. For the availability sub-index, the UAE ranked 50th and 43rd in quality and safety sub-index among 113 countries. The Economist said the GCC countries are the most import-dependent for their food supplies, but these countries also have smaller proportions of their populations below the poverty line, which makes them more financially resilient when global prices skyrocket.

The report said that the physical effects of climate change, including increases in temperature, droughts, flooding, storms and rising sea levels, are likely to hit Gulf states and the rest of the Mena hardest, followed by Central and South America.

“Worsening dust and sandstorms cause significant agricultural losses in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Yemen, which are near the bottom of the rankings in terms of historical susceptibility to storm damage,” it said.

According to Euromonitor International’s estimates, UAE residents’ spending on food and non-alcoholic beverages will amount to Dh107.8 billion in 2018, which will increase to Dh112.19 billion in 2019, Dh117.6 billion in 2020.

Compared to others in Europe and the US, statistics shows that service of food in Dubai considered one of the top rankings by offering a high standards and maintaining high quality trainings for staff serving and cleanliness of any kitchens.

Globally, Singapore topped in overall global food security followed by Ireland, the UK, US, Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, Finland, Canada and France.