‘apps’ pavilion receives record visitors at Aviation Show


Staff Report

‘apps’ pavilion at the ongoing Aviation Show in Dubai witnessed a huge turnout on the first day by the representatives of numerous airlines to check the state-of-the-art ancillaries plug & play solution (apps), which promises Airlines to build their Holiday Arm in six weeks allowing them to sell travel products and services to their passengers before, during the flight, and at destination at the lowest price online.

Ashraf Salama, apps President stated that the Aviation Industry has recently witnessed great challenges due to many factors hence prompted them to look for other sources of income one of which offering travel services, in-flight services and entertainment services to their passengers.

Salama mentioned that the entry of Airlines into this area adds a new competitive dimension to the travel world reducing the current share of the classic and online travel companies, consolidating the hotel and airline industry and in return providing more comfort and convenience to the traveller. Salama pointed out that the role of apps is to provide Airlines with a readily commercialised website plugged to an e-travel platform with millions of hotels and thousands of travel services in 6-12 weeks at the lowest market price.

He further explained that this Holiday Arm is a new concept considered to be the fourth generation in the developing travel industry with the first generation represented in the developing classic companies, followed by e-travel in its many forms, hotels and services digitization and now Airlines selling travel packages to their passengers.

He added that apps add to the airlines a holiday arm that offers more than 40 travel products and services for passengers at competitive prices including hotel reservation, ground transport, tours and attractions, travel care etc.

Salama added that the number of airlines using the Platform surpassed 30 airlines carrying more than 300 million passengers annually, the most recent of which is Nile Air in Egypt, noting that apps is a commercial solution 100% managed for the Airline so a team of digital marketing, a call centre and on-board boxes and a mobile app come in play to boost reach, conversion and profits promising the Airline a yield of $32 per carried passenger shared between the parties. – abdulbasit@theuaenews.com