Sleep Expo Middle East to highlight mattress innovations disrupting the industry


Staff Report

There is growing evidence citing the downward trend in the average duration of sleep people around the world get, which consequently brings forth a rising prevalence of sleep disorders and health risks associated with sleep deprivation. With this being brought to the forefront of public health, the sleep industry is growing exponentially in terms of innovations designed to promote quality shut-eye, led by the US$ 42 billion global mattress market.

Mattresses can affect the quality of sleep, this as reflected in the latest research done by the US-based Better Sleep Council, the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association. Based on the survey, the vast majority, or 85 per cent of the respondents, recognize the central importance of a mattress to a good night’s sleep. No wonder, mattress technology has made tremendous strides over the years, the latest breakthroughs of which will be highlighted at the upcoming Sleep Expo Middle East in Dubai.

A first-of-its-kind event in the region, Sleep Expo Middle East brings together sleep experts and innovators to discuss and showcase the latest advances in the sleep technology space. The inaugural staging, slated on 11-13 April 2019 at the Dubai Festival City Arena, consists of: a three-day exhibition featuring an expansive showcase and live demonstrations of cutting-edge sleep technologies and solutions; a world-class two-day conference (April 11 for B2B and April 13 for B2C) designed to tackle new developments, scientific discussions and best practices in sleep health; and, a dynamic Sleep Care Zone, a dedicated area for visitors to experience services that will aid them in better sleep.

Why Mattress Innovation is Important
Overall wellness is increasingly on consumers’ agenda nowadays and so they have a better understanding that sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle. This trend has pushed mattress manufacturers and bedding companies to reinvent their technology so that mattresses are able to offer the best sleeping experience to their users.

“Innovative new mattress systems and designs are constantly emerging to try and combat sleeping disorders. However, to get the perfect mattress that provides the best relaxation and the comfort level, it is important to consider our life as a whole and ask ourselves what we want from our bed, and if it fulfils our needs according to which life phase we are in right now?”, commented Sagaren Pillai, Marketing Manager, Restonic. “We have to remind ourselves that year after year our body changes as we grow older and subsequently there will come a time to consider an adjustment to our sleep requirement. With each one of us having a different body shape, and in some cases sleep apnoea and back ailments, the abundance of expensive new technology mattresses now available in the marketplace will not provide a direct cure to these issues, but will however go a long way to ease those restless nights and eventually give us a much more peaceful sleep.”

One of the leading brands exhibiting at the show, Restonic is an integral part of the bedding industry and has a longstanding tradition of innovative research, known for developing award-winning sleep products of the highest quality. Among the company’s latest innovation, and a key highlight of their display at Sleep Expo Middle East, is the Restonic Viscoool Mattress. The unique Viscoool technology has thermo regulating Visco foam, which contains an added blend of sustainable natural raw materials that’s scientifically proven to stay cooler for longer so that the user can sleep more comfortably all night long. The eco-friendly Viscoool Visco foam core has optimum breathability and is structured to contour and cushion the body for a superior level of comfort while reducing heat build-up, which is associated with standard memory foam.

Smart Mattresses for Better Sleep
Smart mattresses are among the exciting technologies that have emerged from the sleep industry. WHISPER, which will be present at the event, is one of the brands disrupting the region’s sleep technology space. It offers an Italy-made WHISPER Mattress that claims to protect users against all electromagnetic waves (EMF) produced by any electronics while they sleep. Additionally, the mattress has anti-bacterial features, can be adjusted (soft or firm) according to the user’s comfort level, and is built with special fabric that is thermoregulating, which helps control body temperature during sleep.

Dominik Zunkovic, Founder for WHISPER, explained , “The EMF protection is particularly interesting in today’s digital world where each room in our home is full of electronic devices. EMF waves interfere with our brain waves while we sleep, and actually cause sleepers to have irregular sleeping cycles, which lead to poor quality sleep and ultimately low energy the morning after. The WHISPER mattress has the ‘Silver Shield’ integrated into the fabric and once plugged in, it protects you from 99.99% of all EMF waves. This technology is tested and certified by Italian Military standards.”

Zunkovic added that in addition to the WHISPER Mattress, Sleep Expo visitors will also be able to experience their WHISPER pillow at the show. “The WHISPER pillow is the best pillow for great sleep, and is exclusively available to buy online in the UAE. The pillow is made out of high-quality Quantum foam which unlike memory foam, keeps you cool at night. The ergonomic design ensures your neck is aligned to prevent neck pains. The pillow is also a certified medical device by the Italian Ministry of Health,” he concluded. –