BitherCash ecosystem launched in UAE


Staff Report

Dubai: BitherGroup unveiled its blockchain technology and cryptocurrency at a grand launch event in Dubai recently.

The fun-filled mega event was attended by more than 1,000 BitherCash members from India, Pakistan, China, the Philippines, etc., with a slogan ‘BitherCash rock’.

The event, which was held in a five-star hotel on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, was also attended by Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency experts from London, Thailand, and the US. They talked about the importance and growth potential of Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

In a very short span of time BitherCash has become BitherCash Group of Companies with its involvement in businesses such as e-commerce, real estate, and dairy farm. The Group includes Shopping Hungama, BitherHomes, BitherX, Bither Dairy Farms and Bithervoice Foundation.

Talking to media, BitherCash Founder Dr. Zafar said, “Dubai is a great place, and we are pleased to organise our grand launch event here in the Emirate. The UAE government is very positive about the regulation of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency.” The Group has its registered office in Dubai.

As a Cryptocurrency, BitherCash is a transparent crypto coin with open source code. Its mobile App – BitherCash Wallet – can be downloaded from both Android and Apple’s iOS.

He added, “BitherCash is a global opportunity, and we see great adaptability of BitherCash across the world. In a couple of months, our members have grown to 15,000, and we hope to see 100,000 members soon. Our vision is to be one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies in future.”
He mentioned that the Group would open an office in Estonia (Europe) soon. Japan, South Korea, Malta are very pro-cryptocurrency, he said.

He said the new leadership in Pakistan is very positive about the blockchain and cryptocurrency. “We have also started physical projects in Pakistan, and one of them is a dairy farm, which is doing extremely well and one of the great projects.”

Talking about Shopping Hungama, he said that it’s a very big e-commerce platform with more than 100 million products from apparels, electronics, home appliances, real estate, automobiles and much more. “It’s the first e-commerce platform accepting 100% crypto and blockchain.
“Between December 15 and 31, 2018, almost 1,000 people ordered online from different product categories. Shoppers can pay with BitherCash and Bitcoin,” he informed.

He added, “This shows that BitherCash, is more than just a cryptocurrency or a group of projects. BitherCash is a robust ecosystem of platforms and programmes working together towards a better and secured future via principles of pure staking.”