Eidul Fitr celebrated across Pakistan with traditional fervour


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Eidul Fitr is being celebrated across Pakistan, with traditional festivities marking the end of the holy month of Ramazan.

Congregations were held in open spaces, mosques and Eidgah’s early in the day across Pakistan, Radio Pakistan reported, adding that prayer leaders highlighted the significance and philosophy of Eidul Fitr in their sermons.

Special prayers were offered for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan as well as the welfare of Muslim communities worldwide, the report stated.

Prime Minister Imran Khan wished Pakistanis a happy Eid. Khan said, “Eid Mubarak to my Pakistanis. Wishing you all a Happy Eid. Let us all resolve to stand up as a united nation to overcome our economic crisis while putting the least amount of burden on the poorer section of our society.

On Tuesday, Chairman Ruet-i-Hilal Committee Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman announced the sighting of the moon for the month of Shawwal, saying Eidul Fitr will be celebrated across Pakistan on Wednesday.

The announcement was made by Mufti Muneeb at a news conference in Karachi after chairing a meeting of the Central Ruet-i-Hilal Committee.

He said the committee received multiple testimonies of moon-sighting from the across the country and is continuing to receive evidence.

Several Middle Eastern countries and the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are celebrating Eidul Fitr on Tuesday.

Eidul Fitr celebrations mark the culmination of the Holy month of Ramazan during which Muslims all over the world observe 30 days of fasting.

Mufti Muneeb also addressed the controversy generated in recent weeks regarding moonsighting in the country, saying “all acclaimed scholars have full confidence in the Ruet-i-Hilal Committee.”

He noted that parts of KP will also celebrate Eid tomorrow, as will countries including Australia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and India.

“I want to say whether it’s the 18th Amendment or the 28th Amendment, these are all subservient to religion, religion will never be subservient to these,” the scholar asserted.

He expressed displeasure at the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) for allowing Eid to be celebrated in KP on a different day than the rest of the country. “I was astonished that the party (PTI) which has a government in the federation is deviating [from the norm] at the provincial government level. This is a most unusual event in Pakistan’s history,” he said.

Mufti Muneeb appealed to the electronic media to not consider Peshawar’s Masjid Qasim Ali Khan, where controversial cleric Mufti Shahabuddin Popalzai independently announces dates of religious festivals, as “the entire province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa”.

“Will you remove the other areas from the province? That’s why those who are appointed to government positions should fully favour the sensitivities of their roles,” he said.