Gulf Martial Arts Club organises ‘Belt Promotion Event’


By Salman S. Sheikh

A Belt Promotion event was held at Gulf Martial Arts Club in Ajman, UAE, in which more than twenty children male and female participated with new energy and enthusiasm in Test with their best performances.

Successful children were awarded Belts, Trophies and prizes. The Club organised by the Chief Coach Master Abdul Qayum Khan 4th DAN (WTF) and under the supervision of Chief Instructor Master Salman Shakil Sheikh 4th DAN (WTJF).


Instructor Nahili Black Belt 2nd DAN (WTF) from Ethiopia, Instructor Fahad Younus from Pakistan and a female instructor Barkha Kolhi from Pakistan trained the kids with their best international experience of Taekwondo Martial Arts. Poomses, Kicks, Self-defense, Board Breakings and Physical Fitness due to their work hard from months children were able to appear in the promotion test event.

Children from different nationalities from Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, India, and Afghanistan participated in the event. Abdul Reman(Yellow Belt), Mohammad Bin Faisal, Abdullah Faisal, QudratUllah, Ahmed Mujeeb, Ahmed Mubeel, Saad Akhter, Mohammad Hamdan, Mohammad Arslan, Mohammad Sufyan and Mohammad Faheem, Zayed Nawaz Sheikh in male categories. Zoya Nawaz Sheikh, Sarah Salman Sheikh and Shiza Salman Sheikh participated in female categories.

As well as the sporting and self-defence aspects to Taekwondo, there is also an exercise element, which brings health improvements such as; balance, flexibility, stamina, strength and posture.
In addition to the physical health improvements, Taekwondo is also known to benefit mental health through increased confidence, improved self-esteem, focus, concentration levels and self-discipline.
Taekwondo is suitable for all ages, and the British Taekwondo membership ranges from 3 years to 84 years.
Taekwondo remains a hugely popular activity for both adults and children and boasts circa 70 million practitioners across the world.