Khawarizmi International College selects Blackboard Open LMS to support online teaching

Blackboard Khawarizmi International College

Staff Report

Blackboard, a leading education technology company for teaching, learning and student engagement, has announced that Khawarizmi International College (KIC) has switched to Blackboard Open LMS, the company’s cloud open-source based learning management system (LMS). The university, one of the first private higher education institutions in the United Arab Emirates, selected Blackboard Open LMS for its increased stability, security and accessibility.

“We are pleased that Khawarizmi International College selected our leading cloud open source-based solution to provide their teachers and students with an enhanced, seamless and connected experience,” said Robert Speed, Vice President for the Middle East and Africa at Blackboard. “Blackboard Open LMS offers students and faculty vast features and functionality, as well as providing clients with enhanced performance and security. We are proud to partner with the university to meet their academic goals and are committed to supporting them with a simplified migration from their legacy LMS.”

Blackboard Open LMS provides a strong, open source foundation for competency-based blended, online and professional learning to drive institutional effectiveness. It is a multiplatform, customizable and intuitive solution, focused on users. KIC will leverage these features to provide a reliable teaching and learning infrastructure for its students, as well as support the mobile connectivity needs of its tech-savvy student population.

“We selected Open LMS for its stable and flexible cloud environment that can easily and efficiently scale up to meet our evolving needs” said Dr. Assem Al-Hajj, CEO and President at Khawarizmi International College. “We believe its mobile, responsive design will enhance interaction between our students and our faculty members, as well as boost student engagement and performance. With the United Arab Emirates’ move towards easily-accessible learning systems and the new standards of CAA that support e-learning provision, KIC felt compelled to take active and immediate steps towards that direction.”

The college will also leverage Blackboard SafeAssign, an originality checker to review students’ assignments for original content. These tools from Blackboard will seamlessly integrate with KIC’s new student information system. –