Pakistani doctor hailed for volunteering to treat coronavirus patients in Wuhan

Wuhan China Pakistani doctor

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A doctor from Jhelum, Pakistan, has been recognised for volunteering to treat patients suffering from coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak.

Taking to Twitter, the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan stated: “We appreciate Dr Muhammad Usman Janjua, a foreign doctor to join the fight against coronavirus in China as a volunteer. He is a teacher from Changsha Medical University, China and hails from Deena, Jhelum, Pakistan.”

Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Sherry Rehman also recognised Janjua’s bravery. In a tweet, she described the Jhelum doctor as a “hero”.

Speaking to a reporter, Janjua had said that when the news of the outbreak first broke, he made it a point to constantly monitor the situation.

“China provided me with good opportunities for education and employment. I am unable to forget China and Changsha.”

On Jan 27, Janjua formally applied to the Foreign Experts Service Office at the Hunan Science and Technology Department, hoping to volunteer in Wuhan.

“The staff sent me the methods of epidemic prevention and virus isolation every day, asking me to protect myself, solving many difficulties for me.”

He maintained that when his family and friends in Pakistan called to ask him about the situation in China, he replied by saying: “I am fine. The Chinese government cares about us very much.”