Xposure 2021: Photography is universal language of shared passion

Photography is a universal language of shared passion

The UAE News report: “Photography is much more than just a form of art – it is a universal language of shared passion that has transcended borders and cultures,” said internationally-acclaimed travel and landscape photographer Elia Locardi, while addressing the audience on the second day of the fifth annual edition of Xposure International Photography Festival (Xposure 2021). 

Leading a seminar titled ‘Making Moments in Time’ Elia took his audience on the behind-the-scenes journey which the photographer and his production team went on during the filming of his new YouTube video series ‘Moments in Time’, created by Elia and his wife Naomi Locardi, which is a worldwide, massive scale show chronicling Elia’s travels in motion.  

During the seminar, Elia touched upon his favourite moments from the shooting of the series and discussed how the idea of it sprouted. He also highlighted why amplifying the voices of artists and photographers all over the world can help make a difference and inspire a positive change.

“Everything around is changing and it is important as photographers that we capture places and things that exists and are present, before they become history. Because what is here today might not be here tomorrow. Capturing a moment in time a gift photographers have,” Elia said while talking about the pictures he clicked in Jakarta, which is the fastest sinking city in the world due to its environmental problems. 

During the seminar, Elia emphasised that the beauty of good photographs lies in the cultures they highlight and the stories they are inspired by.

Talking about his overarching aim as a photographer and an educator, Elia said, “I want to help people tell stories and follow their passion. I need to share knowledge and tell people that sometimes they just need to take the first step – start taking pictures. Soon you will be looking for stories and develop your own style of storytelling, and that is what every photographer should do – tell meaningful and impactful stories.”

Elia has been working full-time as a photographer since 2009 and has visited more than 65 countries, flown nearly 2 million miles, and collaborated with countries, NGOs and tourism agencies on various photography projects to bring out stories that matter though his lens. At Xposure 2021, Elia is hosting an exhibition titled, ‘Moods of Italy’ and also conducting workshops to help budding photographers hone their skills. 

In its fifth edition, the festival is hosting over 50 world-renowned photographers who are conducting various sessions, workshops, independent exhibitions and focus groups at Expo Centre Sharjah until February 13th 2021. – abdulbasit@theuaenews.com