Capital Club Dubai Celebrates its 14th Anniversary

Capital Club Dubai Celebrates its 14th Anniversary

The UAE News report: Capital Club Dubai turns 14 and recently it celebrated its 14th anniversary during a funfilled party.

Just over 5000 days, 168 months, and 14 years old, Capital Club Dubai has come of age! Get ready for the biggest bash in town, with the who’s who suiting up and donning dancing shoes, there are many reasons to celebrate.

The heartbeat of business decisions is often echoed through the esteemed corridors of its private clubs patronised by impactful personalities. Capital Club is Dubai’s hidden gem in the epicentre of the city’s financial hub where serious business conversations are juxtaposed in elite settings and gourmet dining.

Led by majority shareholders and chairman Hussain Sultan Al-Junaidy, the club was founded in 2008, it started as a place for networking and socialising with other likeminded people and families.

Since its inception, the Club has evolved to become a vibrant intellectual hub, CNN’s top 10 private clubs in the world, with 1000 members from diverse industry leaders. Empowered by its futuristic-thinking global community of thought-leaders from diverse industries, it has a special ear of the rulers and policymakers who are keen to understand the private sectors’ perspectives.

The Club has become a trusted and neutral platform that bridges the conversations between government and private sector thought leadership, conceptualizes, and engages important discussions, contributes towards the knowledge economy for informed decision-making.

Over the years, it went through its ups and downs and hit some serious roadblocks that would have flattened ordinary establishments. However, with deep pockets and every greater commitment, a new look and vision resurrected the Club to become “the place I’ve always dreamed of,” said Al Junaidy.

Capital Club Dubai offers its members high comfort and a quality place to naturally and leisurely network with others in the growing business community, without the stress of searching for the right people.

“We know our members well and look after them as family, finding ways to personalise their requirements, to help them grow, professionally and personally,” said Mohamed Karmaoui, General Manager.

This is the place where the most influential minds meet and plan the future through great debates and discussions. It is also the place where you can let down your hair, destress and sink into plush anonymity in a much-needed sanctum sanctorum for leaders. This is the paradox of Capital Club, an intriguing haven in Dubai. –