Dubai International Airport alerts passengers against lost luggage scam

Dubai International Airport issues scam alert against lost luggage
Dubai International Airport issues scam alert against lost luggage

The UAE News Report: The Dubai International Airport, also known as DXB, has cautioned passengers travelling through its terminals against “fake profiles” claiming to sell lost luggage on Instagram and Facebook.

In a scam alert issued to the public, the Dubai International Airport said, “We want you to know it’s not us. We’re here for take-offs, not rip-offs.” It said, “If you see any suspicious bargains, stay sharp and don’t click on them.”

How baggage is handled at DXB

The Dubai International Airport, which retained its title as the world’s busiest international airport for the ninth consecutive year, handles a record number of bags across its three terminals, Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 for Emirates airline, every year.

Dnata, a subsidiary of Emirates Group, caters to baggage movement at DXB. Over 82 million bags were handled through its three terminals in 2022, according to dnata.

Dubai International Airport issues scam alert against lost luggage

dnata, which handles luggage for over 100 airlines and millions of passengers travelling to over 250 destinations from the Dubai International Airport, ensures the right items are loaded onto the right aircraft at the right time. During peak time, over 1,300 dnata staff work seamlessly to deliver each bag in a timely manner.

DXB’s Baggage Handling System (BHS) transports luggage using innovative conveyor belts and lifts that move both departing and arriving bags. Under the concourse floors of Terminal 3 alone, 160km of baggage tracks spiral around.

The process of guiding a bag to its destination begins 180 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. Any bags checked in before this are held in T3’s automated Early Bag Storage facility, with a capacity of 15,000. The departing bag, transported on its distinctive yellow tray linked to the bag’s luggage tag for accurate tracking, will be security screened up to five times as it makes its way through the system. It then progresses to its awaiting container, or Unit Loading Device (ULD), before being transported onto the aircraft.

As they move through the BHS at up to 2.5 metres per second, the bags then enter a safe, high-speed transfer tunnel, shooting along at 7.5m/s, faster than the passenger trains in the adjacent tunnel.

Of all passengers arriving into Terminal 3 in 2022, 64 per cent were transiting, while at Terminal 2 transit traffic accounted for 45 per cent of all passengers.

Preparation for the transfer of bags to their destination, begins mid-flight. By six hours before the flight’s arrival at DXB, dnata will be ready to accept the bags, knowing how many on each aircraft it needs to transfer, as well as the size, weight and final destination of each one.

How to report, and claim lost baggage

If, by any chance, passengers can’t find their baggage at the terminal, they should file a report at the baggage services desk at the airport, which is near the baggage claim area.

The baggage is then tracked against a unique reference number that is issued.

The report on the missing baggage must include as much information about the baggage as possible.

When the baggage is found, the passenger is duly contacted, with an agreed upon a delivery time.