Destination Germany witnesses 15% growth from GCC

Destination Germany Records 15% Growth from GCC Markets In 2023
Destination Germany Records 15% Growth from GCC Markets In 2023

The UAE News report: The German National Tourist Office (GNTO) has announced a stellar performance for Destination Germany, reflecting a robust recovery trajectory and heightened appeal among travellers from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

With an impressive 15% increase in overnight stays from GCC travellers in 2023, totalling 1,297,256, Germany reinforces its position as a premier global destination. The fourth quarter of 2023 alone showcased a remarkable resurgence to near pre-pandemic activity levels, with 263,985 overnight stays, mirroring 97.44% of the figures from 2019.

2023’s success builds on the momentum from 2022, when GCC visitors to Germany more than doubled, underscoring the region’s growing fascination with Germany’s cultural and sustainable tourism offerings.

Germany’s rich calendar of events, including the eagerly anticipated European Championship 2024 from June 14 to July 14, promises to further elevate its status as a premier cultural travel destination. The championship, along with more than 300 cultural events themed around football, exemplifies Germany’s innovative approach to blending sports, culture, and sustainability, aiming to attract even more international visitors in the current year.

Yamina Sofo, Director of the Marketing & Sales Office – GNTO GCC, shares her optimism: “Our 2023 performance is a testament to Germany’s magnetic appeal and our steadfast commitment to hospitality. Our growth from the GCC region, our third-largest overseas market, highlights the multifaceted appeal of Germany.

“Germany’s allure for travellers from GCC is multifaceted, offering an enriching blend of stunning natural scenery, exclusive shopping experiences, and dynamic urban environments. This diversity not only underscores Germany’s universal appeal but also speaks volumes of our commitment to hospitality and inclusiveness.”

Building on the momentum of the previous year’s remarkable performance, GNTO is eager to advance its sustainable tourism initiatives under the “Simply Feel Good” campaign throughout 2024. This ongoing campaign is driven by creativity, passion, and environmental consciousness, aiming to redefine travel experiences by integrating sustainable practices that benefit both the traveller and our planet.

“Simply Feel Good” invites travellers to engage with Germany in a manner that honours both nature and culture. It champions the principle that sustainable travel should conserve the environment and amplify personal experiences. The initiative underscores GNTO’s pledge to ensure every holiday is memorable and leaves a positive imprint. Germany positions itself at the vanguard of responsible travel by spotlighting eco-friendly accommodations and endorsing activities like walking, cycling, and canoeing. Furthermore, the campaign encourages the use of the CO2 calculator, empowering travellers to offset their carbon footprint and support global efforts toward carbon neutrality.

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